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December 14, 2006
12:00 AM

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Needless to say, Sufjan's really bustin' my balls this holiday season. I mean, I guess the dude has every right--perhaps more even than ME, considering his affiliations and all--to apply his much beloved blend of ambition and evangelism to the task of Christmas, but come on. A box set? How is that NOT designed to make us look bad?

Deliberately overshadowed by the great Midwestern hope or not, Parenthetical Girls finish what we start. Which is to say that--in spite of all the glowingly indifferent personal reviews we've heretofore received on this deal--you're still gonna have to download it. Merry Christmas.


If It's Time For Christmas

Do You Fear What I Fear?

Carol Of the Season

Festive Friends (Forever)

Last Christmas, Pt. II

But seriously, folks:

The Group Parenthetical Girls plays A Parenthetical Girls Family Christmas; a Holiday celebration in five musical parts. All entries written and performed by (((GRRRLS))) past and present, featuring contributions by Matthew Carlson, Jeremy Cooper (track 4), Edward Crichton, Rachael Jensen, Zachary Pennington, Jonathan Sieloff, and E. Scott Yates (track 1). Hastily conceived and executed (as it should be), A Parenthetical Girls Family Christmas is the third installment of our semi-annual holiday EP series, and we (at least) are very proud of it. We've officially sold out of the limited run of handmade CDRs, so please accept this as our gift to you, dear friends, foes, and internet acquaintances--may these humble recordings grant you brief reprieve from the misery and desperation we are all sure to face in the coming weeks.

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