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September 17, 2006
4:52 PM

One More Song About Moms and Menses.

We'll call it our State Of The Union address, September 2006 edition.

To begin with, the previously mentioned "Historic Everett Show" went over without incident beneath the perpetually overcast skies of my hometown. I made a point to walk on foot down the primary arterials for the first time in a number of years--first parking in front of the studio apartment where I spent my 19th year then walking across the lawn of my surprisingly awe-inspiring alma-mater. I've long embraced my affections for my birthplace, but lately I've begun to greet its familiarity with the sickly sadness of soured nostalgia. And as much as it pains me to admit it, I think its "home"-ness may have mostly evaporated. Sap. Ultimately, it was all worth it just to see Keegan play the "Bike Song" one last time.

Other flurry-ous Parenthetical Girls happenings include, first and foremost, the addition of one new Girl--a gentleman whom you may remember as a prominent character from Rachael's Homerian tour epic by the name of Eddy Crichton. A former of the sadly defunct (hiatus?) Reindeer/Tiger Team, Eddy has been gracious enough to try and fill the white, pointy boots of our beloved Brenna Murphy, who has (altogether wisely) taken a graceful bow in the name of higher education. You will be sorely missed, sweet mare.

That said, we couldn't be happier with the new recruit. We may have had to start all over again, but we expect you'll be pleased with the results. I guess it's about time I updated the associates page.

Eddy will make his Parenthetical Girls debut this Saturday, September 23rd at the Someday Lounge, where we will be opening for Rebecca Moore.

The other primary preoccupation in our camp is that of our too soon to be true, still very spotty November tour Eastward, which is tentatively detailed as such:

Thursday the 2nd: Portland, OR @ HOLOCENE
Friday the 3rd: Seattle, WA @ PARADOX (w/Xiu Xiu, Dirty Projectors, Cong For Brums, and Grouper)
Saturday the 4th: Private Performance @ ???
Sunday the 5th: EPIC DRIVE
Monday the 6th: Minneapolis, MN @ HYMIES (w/Best Friends Forever)
Tuesday the 7th: Chicago, IL @ BEAT KITCHEN
Wednesday the 8th: Ann Arbor, MI @ UMMA/Off Site
Thursday the 9th: Toronto @ THE BOAT
Friday the 10th: Montreal @ TBA
Saturday the 11th: Brooklyn @ THE LUCKY CAT (w/The Martha Dumptruck Massacre)
Sunday the 12th: Poughkeepsie, NY @ 148 (Vassar)
Monday the 13th: Albany, NY @ VALENTINES
Tuesday the 14th: NYC, NY @ Cake Shop
Wednesday the 15th: Providence, RI @ AS220
Thursday the 16th: Bronxville , NY@ Sarah Lawrence
Friday the 17th: Philadelphia @ UPSTAIRS AT SAL'S
Saturday the 18th: Baltimore, MD @ WHAM CITY
Sunday the 19th: Washington, DC @ HELP!!!!
Monday the 20th: Pittsburgh?/Ohio? @ HELP!!!
Tuesday the 21st: Bloomington, IN @ CHERRY CANARY
Wednesday the 22nd: Des Moines, IA @ VAUDEVILLE MEWS
Thursday the 23rd: THANKSGIVING
Wednesday the 24th: Denver, CO @ TBA
Thursday the 25th: Boise, ID @ NEUROLUX

I know this probably looks bad, and it is, but I assure you that the TBAs are mostly just that--To Be Announced. As for the rather urgent "HELP!!!"s... well, we really mean it. Anyone whose ever suggested that a reasonably favorable review on Pitchfork actually made bookers (or anyone else for that matter) give two shits about them was, I assure you, lying through their teeth. I mean... DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?! Come On! (By the way, I prefer the term "self-important" to the oft-used misnomer "pretentious." Thank you for your consideration.)

Further down the line: Safe As Houses is set to be released on vinyl before too long by our tight bros. at Oedipus Records. If all goes as planned, there will also be a European release of the record sometime next year, featuring a bonus EP of collected oddities. These things remain subject to change until they officially exist in the temporal world.

"Stepping Gingerly in the Temporal World"

Did I mention I met Huey Lewis today? You'll be happy to know that he's held up pretty well.

Zac Pennington
Parenthetical Girls

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