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October 18, 2006
11:13 AM

"What Is It That I Fear Most? I Fear Mediocrity."

(photo, as usual, by Sarah Meadows)

Apologies to those few of you (mom, etc.) who read the contents of this weblog in hopes for anecdotal glimpses into the day to day of the Parenthetical Girls' painfully repetitive lives, as again all I have to share are the developing facts. The fact of the matter is, this band is presently my life--all getting ready for tour mode--with little to no room for anecdote building experience. Which is probably for the best.

Activities include:

* the frantic, obscenely ill-timed preparations for the third installment of the Beatles-inspired, semi-annual Parenthetical Girls Christmas EP, which we will be selling an extremely limited edition of on tour, if we can finish it in time.

* Attempting to learn old songs to stave off tour boredom.

* Creating and reconfiguring apparel options (varieties may include our few remaining badge sets, T-Shirts, and tunics), presumably to clothe the naked hordes that always seem to make appearances at our shows.

* Trying to find a Van

* Aging rapidly

Hopefully we'll be ready in time.

As you can see above, the incomparable Sarah Meadows has yet again helped our ugly mugs not to look quite so ugly... further evidence can be found here, if you feel you need it. And that can only mean one thing, my friends: the affectionately aforementioned "tour" is shaping up nicely:


Thursday the 2nd: Portland, OR @ HOLOCENE
Friday the 3rd: Seattle, WA @ PARADOX (w/Xiu Xiu, Dirty Projectors, Cong For Brums, and Grouper)
Saturday the 4th: Private Performance @ ???
Sunday the 5th: EPIC DRIVE
Monday the 6th: Minneapolis, MN @ TBA (w/Best Friends Forever)
Tuesday the 7th: Chicago, IL @ BEAT KITCHEN
Wednesday the 8th: Ann Arbor, MI @ UMMA/Off Site
Thursday the 9th: Toronto @ THE BOAT (w/The Patients, Christa Min, Problem)
Friday the 10th: Montreal @ Friendship Cove
Saturday the 11th: Brooklyn @ THE LUCKY CAT (w/The Martha Dumptruck Massacre)
Sunday the 12th: Poughkeepsie, NY @ 148 (Vassar)
Monday the 13th: Albany, NY @ VALENTINES (w/Brent Gorton and the Tender Breasts)
Tuesday the 14th: NYC, NY @ Cake Shop
Wednesday the 15th: Providence, RI @ AS220
Thursday the 16th: Bronxville , NY@ Sarah Lawrence
Friday the 17th: Philadelphia @ UPSTAIRS AT SAL'S
Saturday the 18th: Baltimore, MD @ WHAM CITY
Sunday the 19th: Washington, DC @ HELP!!!!
Monday the 20th: Akron, OH @ Square Records
Tuesday the 21st: Bloomington, IN @ CHERRY CANARY
Wednesday the 22nd: Des Moines, IA @ VAUDEVILLE MEWS
Thursday the 23rd: THANKSGIVING
Wednesday the 24th: Denver, CO @ HI DIVE
Thursday the 25th: Boise, ID @ NEUROLUX

Clearly still a few holes that we'd love to have filled, so please speak up. Also, there's a weird thing about our show in Ann Arbor, and seeing as it's our only show in Michigan, I thought it best to address it here: we are playing a very small space on the U of M campus (at least I think it's on the campus?) with a limited capacity. The show is free and open to everybody, but if you're not a Uo'M student, it might be difficult to get tickets. So this one goes out to our friends in DETROIT, DEARBORN, GRAND RAPIDS, FLINT, WHEREVER: if you want to come to the show, let me (zac) know, and I'll see what I can do. And I'm sorry that we're not playing where you live.

But BEFORE all that: Parenthetical Girls are playing THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19 at the SOMEDAY LOUNGE in PORTLAND, as part of the Phase One series (w/Matthew Korfhage, Lidia Yuknavitch, Pash, Mattress, and Trevor Dodge).

Is that it? I think that's it.

Zac Pennington

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