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September 3, 2004
7:39 AM

This Distance Is An Ancient Ocean Wide.




15TH--BOISE, ID @ 909 W. Fort Street, #6

18TH--SEATTLE, WA @ VERA w/Anna O2 and Old Time Relijun


It has officially been too long since I have updated this missive in any way. is this properly considered a "missive"? that sort of suggests a certain gravity or "umph" to its delivery. anyway.

A lot has happened. some things secret and somethings all too public. Like walking around in a dress for 30 minutes a day before a myriad of strangers, trying to believe what I'm singing, all while not forgetting the simple chord changes I seem to have so much trouble with. The results of these experiments have been both good and bad, appreciated and ignored. these lines have not always crossed in properly. For the most part, I have been satisfied.

here begins the "Fascism Stinks" tour.

Our time in Moscow, ID was a strange one--a performance still very rocky, though met graciously with pita, yogurt, and a few unbelievably patient listeners. Our co-performer at this show, one Nathan Brown, assisted us with what I'd like to affectionately call a "secret show" in aberdeen, SD to take up a moment of the slack in our drives cross country. enroute we met our fears in the vast darkness of Montana, scaring ourselves with tales of pupil-less men and sugar in the gas tank. Custer, Montana is perhaps the most lawless town in all of our great nation.

the good people of Aberdeen kept us entertained, fed, and sheltered... despite any forewarning of our arrival. I hope their teen center works out.

next was Minneapolis--which both sam and I agree may be one of our favorite U.S. cities. our show went pretty well, despite the fact that I was biting my tongue about both prince and the Replacements the whole set. coming from Seattle, and I realize just how out of touch such ancient reverence comes off. I don't think anyone was really paying attention anyway--which may have been for the best. all told, we learned about "Minnesota Nice," fumed at the incompetence of Mad TV, and selfishly imposed upon total strangers. Thank you, Katie and Graham. thank you Tom and kin. thank you, twin cities.

let me pause briefly to give you a sense of our mental well-being:
*Trip Soundtrack: Squirrel Nut Zippers-"Sold Out," Prince-"Batman," Springsteen-"Born in the USA"


in the afternoon we hightailed to Chicago for a really incredible show with Love of Everything, Woelv, and Mount Eerie. the audience was kind, the empty bottle staff kinder, and the performance nearly hitchless. Hell of a town. at risk of making this post into something of an acceptance speech, I'd really like to extend additional thanks to all empty bottlers, Bobby, Nathan, and Katie for their mad hospitality. your city is a gem.

Grand Rapids comes next. Kindness abounds. heat swelters. sam and I play pool and drink whiskey in a local bar down the street from the DAAC. the bartender is incredibly accommodating, in spite of our appearances. due to technical difficulties, our "Batman" intro music is allowed to play in its duration. we make half-jokes about our search for Squirrel Nut Zippers' "Hot" cd. the show is too full to see anything. special thanks to Nina and Chris for their incredibly comfortable couches, and everyone else for everything else.

No offense, but Detroit looks sort of Beirut. every service person surrounded in islands of bulletproof glass. but surprisingly hospitable. I bought a child's school uniform. but not off of his back. The show, second day of the annual "Summer Smash" at the wonderful Detroit Art Space, was pretty pleasant all around. a kind man named Jason, who was at our G.R. show, miraculously brought us a copy of "HOT." what's more amazing, it was autographed. unbelievable.

got heckled. volleyed with insults and projectile glockenspiel mallets. the heckler turned out to be very nice, and I felt bad. Stephen was also very wonderful. and a friend of Jenny's. Oh, and we met Windy and Carl! Final word... Detroit=PRO.

if Detroit is beirut, the Cincinnati is sort of like that island from Lord of the Flies. enough said.

after 40 hours without sleep, the romance of NYC overtook me with ease. for more on this subject, please see the films of Woody Allen, circa 1974-1980. we played three weird shows in two whirlwind days, met new friends and old, treated Marissa's house like a day spa, drank with that dude from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (sort of), and ate a lot. packing on a few quality LBS. this trip, to be sure. Vibe guides Marissa, BJ, and Todd P: RESPEC.

Philadelphia. Jesus. Philadelphia. William and Brendan. Jesus. Da Ali G Show. Jesus. Jesus.

and now we are in the beautifully sleepy burg of Newbury Port, MA, typing away at Dylan's accommodating house. Providence tonight. I'm going to stop now. thank you for your patience.

Zac Pennington,
Parenthetical Girls

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