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August 13, 2004
7:02 PM

Death By Candlelight.

A healthy outlook can take you anywhere. take it from me.


with less than a week left before the official tour kick off, things are feeling sort of insurmountable. Which is to say, typical. Between now and Thursday, I must successfully plan materials to cover my job four weeks in advance, complete a daunting feature on teen pop stars, write the words to three new songs, learn said songs, get my brakes fixed, wash my socks, come to terms with the fact that I will have no air conditioning on this trip, loose several quality lbs., and kiss my sweet ass goodbye. I can do this.

I again have the Internet at home, which is making matters considerably more comfortable.

My friend Adrian Orange recently released ANOTHER record (which I will invariable have to pay for) called Welcome/Nowhere´┐Ża sort of companion volume to the record that Slender Means Society and States Rights Records recently released. Although I can't support it's claims of greatness (see above parenthetical), I imagine that he and that Elverum fellow know what they're doing.

Please check out the updates to the Performances page of this very site for information on our potential rendezvous'. Also, stay tuned for a .pdf download of our "rediscovering anti-semitism" tour poster´┐Żand make sure you check out the totally huge and ridiculous promo photo in the pictures section. Because honestly, without you, our lives are of very, very little consequence.

Love Indefinitely,

Zac Pennington
Parenthetical Girls

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