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July 25, 2004
4:49 PM

Open the Window and Out Go Ideals.

This is a little late in coming, it seems. update, update. okay, here goes: the What-The-Heck? show went pretty well, methinks�much different climate, much different audience. the parenthetical girls collective version 2.0 spent a good deal of the weekend literally trampling miles through pitch black woods to secluded areas in the woods, only to awake covered in ants and a damning sun. outdoors is perhaps not something for which I am suited.

but anyway�sold a few records, broke a few hearts, and�all told�probably should have taped it down. my mother arrived late to the show, still somehow never experiencing any of our performances. Cranberry Lake, a red nose, and the incredible hospitality of the Department of Safety folks made for more of a vacation than a music festival.

as for my former money woes... well, that's all behind us. Seems I've been awarded with a healthy salary and the most adult job I've had since that whole webcam scheme. which means�knowing myself�that (((GRRRLS))) is probably going to be squandered into "backburner"-dom. I'll try to avoid that. so far my job has mostly consisted of swimming in the Willamette river, and watching people perform tests of endurance on hot tin roofs. or something.

Sam and I are about to go to the East Coast. If'n you hadn't heard, the Dead Science tour has be officially cancelled, so we've a little more time to prepare. We are in dire need of an auto with a little bit of space (station wagon-y) and air conditioning. We are willing to offer my car as a replacement (which has neither of these things), and perhaps some money for "wear and tear." Check the Performance page for infos, and the Pictures for our Parenthetical Girls 3.0 promotional photo. there are new songs in the works.

I move out of the cupcake at the end of the month into a sizable closet. this relieves me greatly. it is literally 100 degrees today. I want to be in a band called "Swastika Girls" again. I can't control my thoughts anymore.

send love.

Yours indefinitely,

Zac Pennington
Parenthetical (Swastika) Girls

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