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September 17, 2004
3:51 PM

Left Banke and Long Form.


Though the time spent probably merits it, I don't really have the energy to give a note for note update of our tour's final days�though I wholly recommend you seek out THIS film. I will, however, provide a brief list of "propers" and "apologies" to those more than deserving: Dylan, Susie, the Lambrights (esp. Connie), Jamie G, Evelyn (where ever you are), Sarah, Katie, Jason, Patrick, Mark, Bill, Ladd, Kevin, Monique, DICK!, Janey, Diana, and, of course, Scott. and that is that.

I've been slowly settling back into my life�one that I never really got used to in the first place. with such constant trajectory over a months time, coming home feels less like a relief than like hitting a weather-shingled wall. i swear i've faced four distinct ailments in the brief time since my return. I've also returned to my post at work, which is terribly disorienting. Back to roping things in.

People have been emailing me about certain shows on the tour, which is reassuring. and we finally played a successful show at the Vera Project�though, christ knows, I don't remember half of it. as for the immediate future, Sam and Jherek are about to hit the road with the Dead Science, so things are on relative hiatus. which suits me just fine. I'm in the midst of planning a one off performance collaboration with Casiotone For the Painfully Alone in the downtime, for the Pregnancy CD release party at Holocene (the 23rd of October, I believe)�as well as a possible couple of Washington shows with the Papercuts and Casiotone. Upon the Dead Science's return, there are loose plans for a split 7"�probably with "love connection pt. 2". We shall see. We shall overcome.

It was nice to meet you. and if you didn't say hello�well, shame on you. we encourage your correspondence.

it's autumnal times in my head and heart, and I miss Seattle for it. there. I said it. I miss the ocean air. I miss Pine St. I miss Westlake Center. I miss you.

The End.

Love madly,

zac pennington
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