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November 21, 2004
8:15 PM

Bedknobs and Bloodrites.


I've half-written a couple of updates since our last discussion, some talking about the Frankenstein shows (our two-night stands as a Casiotone/Arrive Magnificent hybrid) that were both remarkably fun, some talking about my "urge to splurge," another about molecular biology. The lost entries. Maybe they'll show up in the box set.

I have begun to set up a modest recording space in a closet that is itself inside of a closet. I've purchased a simple cassette 8-track, an echoplex, a crummy microphone. this in the face of endless procrastination on my part. music making is not an easy process for me�it doesn't come naturally, doesn't flow out of me, doesn't happen at all, really. I don't play anything proficiently. I am constantly dogged by my collaborator's lack of availability. I am, simply put, not a musician. not in the traditional sense, anyway.

There is another Christmas record in the works. Like there was another christmas record in the works this time last year. This time around, however, I've a couple of sketches mapped out, and the chance of completion seems remarkably better. Time will tell. And when it does, it will speak in riddles. wrapped in enigmas. perhaps Christmas with Parenthetical Girls. that sort of has a ring.

To keep it on the dry side: two speculative singles are in the works�one a split with the Dead Science called "Love Connection II," another as yet written, recorded, or really even conceived for the twenty bees polycarbon series (edition of 20 only).

Perhaps now you understand why I never finish updates.

thank you for your patience.


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