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December 3, 2008
12:46 AM

At Least Abe Vigoda Liked Our Record.


photo by Stefano Disegni.

After roughly a month of going it relatively alone, we finally enter phase four of the quickly quieting clockworks of our European tour. Tonight begins sub-tour 4.0, which I have secretly taken the liberty of naming:


03.12.2008 Berlin (DE), Lido #
04.12.2008 Cologne (DE), King Georg
05.12.2008 Antwerp (BE), Trix #
06.12.2008 Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg #
07.12.2008 Tilburg (NL), 013
08.12.2008 Le Havre (FR), Cabaret Electrique #
09.12.2008 Rennes (FR), Antipode #
10.12.2008 Lyon (FR), Grrrnd Zero #
11.12.2008 Paris (FR), Sonic Protest Festival @ Trabendo #

# with Deerhoof


We would be pleased to see you there. We are running out of merchandise.


Total number of distinct currencies we have had to navigate: 5
Total number of ferry rides: 6
Total number of ferry rides on which Zac threw up: 1
Total number of LPs acquired: 21
Total number of support bands that Rachael has hit in the face: 1
Total cumulative weight gain: 12 lbs
Total estimated van damage: 100€
Total consecutive days Zac drove the van: 27
Total number of times Eddy has been offered money for sexual favors: 1

also: in a feat at which we can all marvel, Matt finished Infinite Jest. In the van.

Furthermore, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all those folks who have attended our shows in Italy, Austria, England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, German and the Czech Republic thus far, for making this feel like it has not been a complete waste of time. Additional thanks so far also include:

* Tom and Jan and Andrea at Tomlab
* Andreas (GOOD JOB!)
* Marco
* The great Bob Corn
* Los Campesinos! in total for bringing us all to rapturous levels of irrational joy every time we see them.
* Neal and Ollie Campesinos! for the stellar trad. English breakfast.
* Gareth Campesinos! for being the best tour manager we have ever had. Also, for bringing his roadie gloves.
* Bernie for indulging my Mancunian dorkery
* All of the wonderful promoters, whom I will respectfully not name here (you undoubtedly know who you are )

tyron francis.jpg
Photo by Tyron Francis

On a final, saddening note: There will be no Christmas this year. I am sorry--we tried, and we failed.

Please also note that there have been no apostrophes harmed in the posting of this missive, as I cannot seem to locate the apostrophe key on this Czech keyboard.

With Love,
Zac Pennington

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