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September 5, 2007
10:14 PM

Just Because It's a Bunch Of Dudes Playing Middling Indie Rock Doesn't Mean It Isn't a Performance Art Piece.

I imagine it's high time we did another one of these, huh? As per usual, there's very little concrete to report on the (((GRRRLS))) front: since our last update, both Eddy and Matt have passed mile-marker twenty-four on the ribboning Road to Nowhere, temporarily relieving my age anxieties for at least another month or so--at which point my loosest limbs dangle precariously over the death year. Time is a devilish mistress, indeed. But that's hardly news.

(photograph by k.south)

On the news front.

We're diligently preparing our dark materials for what we hope will be another full-length record, tentatively--and for all intents, eternally--entitled "Entanglements." I suspect that you will probably hate it. I'm not trying to be self-deprecating. So far it's seven new songs in various states of undress, with hopefully another few more to come before we head up to Seattle next month to record with Jherek and Sam. Don't get too excited, however: we all foresee a lengthy incubation process. This is all a little premature to be talking about I suppose, but as you can plainly see, there really isn't a wealth of shit to talk on the home front--there exists a number of more modest possibilities brewing, but none will be attended to until this sizable elephant is ushered out of the room.

Did we mention that we actually got a Myspace page?!?! I know, right? LAME.

Zac Pennington
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