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July 2, 2006
7:54 PM

(UPDATE: MORE TOUR DATES!) The Long List of Shit That Fucks Up My Face.


From the hopelessly myopic POV of the Parenthetical Girls, it's sometimes difficult to see that things are coming together with surprisingly more regularity than they are coming apart these days. It's hard to say how long this luck is going to hold out, so now is the time to dig deep within that well of humility so throughly beaten into us at every turn--the last thing we need is a prideful fall. Where was I going with this? Oh, right: the Parenthetical Girls are about to leave for tour. For those of you who live within a few hundred miles of interstate five, you're in luck:

Sat 8 - Seattle @ Sunset Tavern (with Tullycraft, Racetrack
Sun 9 - Oakland @ 21 Grand (with BARR, Lucky Dragons, Snowsuit*)
Mon 10 - San Francisco @ Hemlock (with BARR, Lucky Dragons, Snowsuit*) EARLY SHOW! For REAL!
Tues 11 - Los Angeles @ Silverlake Lounge (with Lucky Dragons, Foot Foot)
Wed 12 - San Diego @ Che Cafe (with BARR and Lucky Dragons)
Thurs 13 - Flagstaff, AZ @ Hotel Monte Vista*
Fri 14 - Phoenix @ Trunkspace*
Sat 15 - Tucson @ 36 Chambers*
Sun 16 - Pomona @ TBD*
Mon 17 - Los Angeles @ Il Corral*
Tues 18 - Merced @ Mainzer Theater
Wed 19 - Davis @ Delta of Venus*
Thurs 20 - Boise @ House Show at 920 Pueblo*
Fri 21 - Seattle, WA @ The Paradox*
Su 23 - Vancouver, BC @ Maslianski's Parking Lot

*with Reindeer/Tiger Team

We're all very excited to see you, believe me.

In other news: Safe As Houses is officially in stores starting... NOW! If your local record store doesn't have any (and let's face it, they probably don't), you can certainly order it direct, or better yet, bother some powerfully overpaid clerk about it.

The band played our record release show on Thursday, and despite the fact that three-fourths of our membership walked off of the stage in a great deal of shame, we were assured many times over that "it wasn't that bad." Oh, and the local press machine were kind enough to finally return the favor. Big Ups.

I can't read in cars. It makes me nauseous. Like heat does. Like most things do.

The next week will be spent washing sleeping bags, making badges, pirating entertainment of all kinds, and forgetting everything we've spent so much of our free time putting to memory. What are the words to that song, anyway?


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