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May 29, 2006
2:52 PM

Act III: Wherein We Return to Claim Our Sainthood


Did I mention that we are a band? I'm not certain if I've addressed this with quite the level of excitement as is probably fitting, because it all still seems very new and even more than a bit temporary, but to ensure the inevitable jinx right off the bat, let me break it down for you: Parenthetical Girls are today more of a band than we have probably ever been. That necessarily doesn't mean that we are better (though I'm pretty sure we're not any worse)--just more. And we want to show it to you. So that's exactly what we're going to do.

First of all, we're going to be playing our very first show as a four piece THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 4TH at the Gallery 1412 in Seattle, opening for the esteemed and admirable YOUNG PEOPLE. For our friends and patrons in Seattle: I intend to bring some kind of CDs. That is all I am at present liberty to say.

As for the homefront: We intend to play a record release show in Portland at some point before the end of June. We'll let you know. After that comes tour... which is where you come in. Let us know if you are in any position to offer us help over any of the following "help!" marked dates, as we would be very excited to visit and perform in your locality.

Sat 8 - Olympia/Eugene @ (help!)
Sun 9 - Oakland @ 21 Grand (with BARR, Lucky Dragons, Snowsuit*)
Mon 10 - San Francisco @ Hemlock (with BARR, Lucky Dragons, Snowsuit*)
Tues 11 - Los Angeles @ (help!) (with Lucky Dragons?)
Wed 12 - San Diego @ TBA^ ` (with BARR and Lucky Dragons?)
Thurs 13 - Flagstaff, AZ @ Hotel Monte Vista*
Fri 14 - Phoenix @ Trunkspace*
Sat 15 - Tucson @ 36 Chambers*
Sun 16 - Pomona @ TBD*
Mon 17 - Los Angeles @ Il Corral*
Tues 18 - Fresno @ TBD*
Wed 19 - Sacramento/Davis (help!)*
Thurs 20 - Boise @ (help!)*
Fri 21 - Seattle, WA @ The Paradox*
Sa 22 - Vancouver, BC @ (help!)*
Su 23 - Vancouver, BC @ (help!)*

*with Reindeer/Tiger Team

If you live in any of our "help!" places--especially Vancouver, BC--please note that we are four slender, relatively softspoken persons that you can be assured will not be a great strain on your community. Needless to say, you would be doing us a great favor.

Oh, right... and in case you missed it: Love Connection, Pt. II (6MB MP3)

POST SCRIPT: To our friends in the middle and right-ish states--we desperately want to visit. We had hoped to be able to make a trip out East, but were unfortunately limited in our touring capacity this summer due to the line-up changes, and subsequent employment obligations. We are hoping to find a way out east in the fall time. Please forgive us.

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