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August 8, 2005
11:24 AM

...Sometimes You Innovate.


Over the two months since we last spoke, I have done a great deal of pouting, prodding, and panicking about a few miniscule holes in the website. In some sort of infantile (and totally unobserved) protest, I have not updated the blog in anyway, even though I previously left you with a sort of cliffhanger about our previous tour. A tour whose details I have clearly already forgotten. In the mean time, this site has been blowing up big time, though I fear that our new fanbase of bookies, mature pornographers, and poker obsessives might not be the audience we were necessarily looking for.

So, what could we possibly have done in the last two months? I bet you're waiting for me to say something self-deprecating about how we never get anything done, aren't you? Well not today, my friends�today I have legitimate news to share. About getting things done. No, really.

But first, I would again like to express my thanks to webmistress Carlisle-Healy, who finally found time in her busy schedule (which is mostly consumed by the obsessive dusting and polishing of her countless crystal figurines) to knock this goddamn thing back into shape. Please look around, as I'm sure you'll find a few new goodies�the ones that started this mess in the first place. There are still a few holes, but we'll hopefully have that sorted out relatively soon.

And now, the news: Parenthetical Girls have nearly completed a handful of "B-Sides" and "Rarities" for a variety of different platforms, the first of which will see release as part of States Rights Records' phenomenal BRO ZONE compilation. Entitled "Puritanically Yours", the track was conceived as something of a classic "diss" track, and was my first ever solo foray into the world of protools. Miraculously however, it's come out as perhaps our most lo-fidelity recording, largely because I have no idea what I'm doing. But when Steve says he wants a song for a comp, Steve gets a song for a comp. The version on the comp is MEGA compressed to keep it listenable, but here's a peak-tastical glimpse at the before: Puritanically Yours (trailer) MP3.

Additionally: this past weekend I spent some quality time in Seattle with Mr. Bishoff and Mr. Mickens�our first official studio collaboration�to record the (((GRRRLS))) half of our covers split 7" with my compatriot's primary band, the honorable Dead Science. The time was well-spent, even if it was ill-fated by the scourge of Seafair. The three of us toiled for two days�though the time was surprisingly effortless, except for all of Sam's Rocky talk�and in the end, I think we popped out one of our best recordings yet. I'm totally re-energized. Oh yeah�and we're both covering Adult Contemporary songs. You'll just have to wait and see what sort of bleakness dwells deep within our musical souls. If all goes as hoped, it will soon see the light of day via the impossibly good people at Silencio Recordings of Pomona, CA.

Oh, and we're almost finished with our contribution to the Twenty Bees project! And�if I can expel the poor thing�another exclusive track for another comp! AHHH! Quantity Over Quality! AHHH!

All of this, and I'm actually finally working on the new record. I'm just pleased as punch with myself. Keep It Coming!

Forever and always,

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