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July 3, 2004
8:18 PM

Ha Ha Ha.

Four days of less-than-intensive sabbatical to Seattle city with Mister Sam Mickens has birthed a wealth new material for the east coast tour, of varying quality. Lots of Ragga Jamz. I wouldn't expect you to be comfortable with that notion.

A trip to Seattle is like a hotbed of insecurities, with social obligations weighing rather heavy. For all those who are remotely curious about what I've been doing with myself for the last 6 months, let me summarize: Getting Fat. Please do not ask me again. I will say that it was one of my most pleasant stretches of time I've spent in the Emerald City in recent memory, due in no small part to: Sam, Jamie, Scott, Jherek, Megan, Cori, Kitty, Devin, Janet, Melissa, James and Amanda, Chicken, Davey, Anna, Hannah, Kim, Marcy, and those girls from San Antonio.

The Seattle trip did bring up a number of internal struggles about the purpose of touring the East Coast, which until now just seemed like the right thing to do. To be blunt: I haven't written anything I'm happy with in several months now, and I just don't know why I'm playing shows at all. Though I remain excited and optimistic, it's becoming more and more apparent that the trip is nothing much more an excuse to visit the right coast, and perhaps get some of these effing LPs out of my office. emo.

The tentative tour dates will be up in the performances section in the next couple of days, so please stay tuned. Difficulties still abound on the discography page, and problem which awaits the return of webmistress Rebecca who is currently vacationing in, of all places, Toledo. All particularly relavent materials can be found at these links:

Here's To Forgetting MP3, from side O of the Album (((GRRRLS)))
C-86 Is Killing My Life MP3, from side X of the Album (((GRRRLS)))
Here's To Forgetting MP3, recorded live at Dunes with Y.A.C.H.T.

i like that, do it again,

Zac Pennington.

UPDATE: TOUR SECTION HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH EAST COAST TOUR INFORMATION--if you can help us out, please click the little envelope icon to your left--Thanks!

Additionally, the biography page has been updated. Oh, and I almost forgot: Parenthetical Girls are hastily featured in the latest issue of Fader magazine in a sprawling article about an incredibly small selection of Portland Music peers. Thumb through it at your local news stand today!

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