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July 2, 2004
5:13 PM

a beginning.

And so, here it begins. On the advice of countless computer savvy compatriots, Parenthetical Girls toe the water of “web presence” with this, the beginnings of Parenthetical Girls: The Website. Much thanks to the masterful Rebecca Carlisle-Healy for her vision, guidance, ill-temper, and hours of manual labor.

Like the hyper-stacked majority of the online music community, there's limited potential for actual content herein´┐Ża photo here, an mp3 there, a few dates, a flashy front page, and really very little more´┐Żbut with any luck I'll stick to my intention of uncomfortably regular updates of content, both through this log, and with the various boxes that surround it. Come back, and maybe things will be different. Or maybe they will be the same. And then you will think, "Boy, these Parenthetical Girls sure are busy, what with no updates this week." And maybe you will write these sentiments to us. And maybe I will respond and say, "You have to be more patient. Please, more patient." And then, at work, you will bookmark my page and check it everyday when you are avoiding Quickbooks Pro 2001 or what ever it is you do all day, and get annoyed with my lack of consistent updates. And then you will grow tired of this website. And drag this bookmark into the trash. Who can know? Only God, that is who, and when I pray to him at night I am certainly not going to ask him about the future of my website, you know? I’m more concerned with this mole on my arm. That is what I will be asking him about. Not the website.


Kinks to work out and sections to flesh, to be sure, but please consider these humble beginnings a window into the future... of NOW!


Zac Pennington
Parenthetical Girls

post script: it has come to my attention that Internet Explorer users (who uses IE anyway?) are having a few problems with the site, primarily with discography section. I'll try to get on that soon.

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