Acuarela Discos

Acuarela put out the European version of Safe As Houses.


Brendan makes music that might not be music at all.

Bucket Factory

The collected works of Matt Carlson. Dive in.

Casiotone For the Painfully Alone

Owen makes music that sounds alternately like pink noise and CCR.

Collective Jyrk

Pete and Gabriel put out records that are probably over our heads.

D Yellow Swans

Pete and Gabriel also make music that sounds very good through waded up toilet paper.

The Dead Science

Sam and Jherek make music in this band that sounds like Cha-Cha cabaret or some shit.

The Home Recording Project

The Home Recording Project will drink you under the table before brunch.

David Horvitz

David stalks the internet like a panther.

Lucky Dragons

Luke makes music that sounds like computers have feelings.

Marriage Records

Curtis and Adrian make the world a better place, one cassette extremely expensive record at a time.


Cori is a whipsmart designer and fonterer.

Oedipus Recs.

Gabe put out the nice vinyl version of Safe As Houses.

Silencio Recordings

The very finest Pomona, CA has to offer.

Slender Means Society

Our record label.

States Rights Records

Steve fills all of your pressing RIL music desires.

This Song Is A Mess But So Am I

Terrifying music made by the nicest man in the world.

White Rainbow

Adam makes music that sounds different everytime.

Xiu Xiu

Jamie makes music that sounds like an open wrist.