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Kris Jensen Memorial Fund

April 21, 2009
6:26 PM

Your Money My Life Goodbye.

Apologies for the long lag in updates: our website exploded for a while, and I have no idea how to use Movable Type. Thank you very much Mr. Curt Merrill for your help.

Firstly, it is our pleasure to present to you the long-awaited (by us, anyway) digital dissemination of Parenthetical Girls' visit to Daytrotter.

Originally recorded some six months ago--on my birthday, no less--the session features some of the "rock band" arrangements of the Entanglements songs we've been limping around on for the past year or so. We hope you enjoy them.

Secondly, we're presently putting the finishing touches on a couple of new recording projects--both of which focus on re-imaginations of other people's songs (read: covers). More details to follow when appropriate, but for the record, we're very excited about them.

Thirdly, things are changing. Wish us luck.


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