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January 8, 2008
12:21 AM

Title TK.


One more year, one more nail-scratch on the prison wall: Entanglements tracking is finished, and now I suddenly feel the pressure to think of some song titles to replace the TBAs, TKs, and racial slurs. We've been working off and on for roughly six months (or two years, depending on how you do your math) and have less than 35 minutes of music to show for it--though to our credit(?), we do have some triple-digit, Corgan-thick overdubs to play with. If all goes as planned, the record should be mixed by the end of the month, with no particular release date in sight. You can read a more through version of this when the glossy pages and jewel cases are all cellophaned up, but I would like to give some preliminary thanks to our many totally too helpful and generous guest musicians, as we would have had no hope realizing this glorious mess without you. Thanks SO MUCH: Ki, Alex, Paris, Paul, Sam, Izaak, Morgan, Jonathan, Nick, Monica, Nelson, Lori, Beth, Jeff, and everybody else that I'm undoubtedly forgetting. JESUS, thank you. And thank you, Jesus.

More from the front as it comes.

With Love,
Zac Pennington
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