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April 19, 2006
10:00 AM

Simply Fuss Free.


The following missive will primarily be news-based--all apologies to those of you who have come to rely on Parenthetical Girls' reliably sidesplitting observational humor, and occasional experiments in the practical commercial applications of romanticized clinical depression, to make it through the bi-months that it seems to take for me to update. Rest assured, however, that there's sure to be some of that anyway.

The most important news item is that our label, Slender Means Society, finally has a commercial/informational component as a part of its design--which means, more than anything else, that the remastered/expanded reissue of the (((GRRRLS))) CD is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase. I'll save you another re-hash of the details, except to remind you that the disc features six mixes by JAMIE STEWART {$$$} of XIU XIU {$$$} (WOW! That's INCREDIBLE!), as well as a brand new (sort of) recording of "Inspirational Shortpants (avec paroles)". The record is supposedly being played on a number of college radio stations throughout the country, as well as already receiving some attention from a small selection of media outlets--which is especially nice, considering that the vinyl version garnered literally zero reviews. Did I mention it's digitally remastered? With computers? Please help us justify the ridiculousness of reissuing a record that no one heard in the first place! Please? The record is also available through the fine folks at Revolver and Darla as well, beginning next week.

In less slimey news: there are new Parenthetical Girls in our midst, all working to bring the people what they're not too sure that they want yet--but believe me, they do. The new Parenthetical Girls four piece (!) will hopefully begin playing shows regionally (local shows? weird) in the next couple of months, with a proper West Coast tour in July. Sure, you won't have Sam's Irish mug to look at... but I think you'll be pleased nonetheless.

Safe as Houses is still being manufactured, and remains a secret fortress to the seven people still anticipating it. Not including me. I'm still very pumped, however. Did I mention the J-Card Traycard? What?

All the news I can stand.


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