The Stranger, November 14, 2002

By Zac Pennington

Fuck Sam Mickens. That guy drives me crazy. At the ripe old age of 20, Mister Fancypants wunderkind (the Sweet Science frontman, Degenerate Art Ensemble member, and occasional Xiu Xiu guitarist) has accomplished enough in his life to bring my already fervent inferiority complex to a sharp head. His latest paranoia-inducing project, the experimental concert series known as Meme, has recently joined the ranks of a handful of ambitious regular music nights around the city, providing Seattle with a much-needed dose of unpredictability in its musical diet. In this, the fifth Meme event, Mickens presents Portland's blissfully deafening Monitor Bats (who, at your author's last viewing, got through about one and a half songs until all of their equipment was destroyed by the audience), as juxtaposed with the squelching synth-pop of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

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