The Stranger, October 2, 2003

By Jon Pruett

"[Scene Creamers have] the sort of typically two-sided approach that has jumped up through Svenonius' work with the Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, and, more recently, Weird War (i.e., destroy the scene through scene-defining spastic punk-gospel-funk). Their new album, I Suck on That Emotion... delivers songs that get up in your grill and slap you around a little... Svenonius' frenetic "look-at-me/don't-look-at-me" onstage antics make him a riveting performer--somebody smart enough to know there's not only a riot goin' on, but a show as well. "

Seattle Weekly, October 2, 2003

Music Preview

"She graduated from unintentional pants-dropper at Olympia's last Yoyo a Gogo to bronze medalist in Playboy's highly disturbing 'Sexiest Woman in Indie Rock' poll, but Ida No of Glass Candy would best be lauded for uniquely disjointed howls floating in and around her band's deathly dimestore guitar and drums soundscape."

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