The Stranger, September 19, 2002

by Kathleen Wilson



"...I'm still not sure how I feel about that in regard to this next event, but I support it just the same. The Slender Means Society presents the seventh theme of its monthly series, this one called "The Revolution from Within: a Celebration of the Second Sex," on Saturday, September 21, at Secluded Alley Works, 113 12th Ave, 839-0880, 5-10 pm. Because the SMS doesn't want the place run over with folks, the names of the local and national performers are being kept top-secret until the event begins. Those with a Y-chromosome must fork over $6 for the privilege of attending, while those without get in for free. Funny thing is, this event is put on by a group of guys. That's probably why they think listing the Men's Auxiliary Army of S.C.U.M. as a co-presenter is funny. I don't know many ovary-toting ladies who want to be associated with Valerie Solanas' mortifying manifesto..."

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