The Stranger, August 28, 2003

By Jennifer Maerz

Looking ahead, noisemaker John Wiese (Bastard Noise, Sissy Spacek) is coming to CoCA on Thursday, August 28, and for those already razoring your ears on acts like Wolf Eyes and Holy Molar, here's another name that'll inflict some damage. Wiese constructs works of sonic violence from power tools and more traditional machines like laptops, and the tracks I've heard sound like the inside of an auto plant, a cat fight in a wind tunnel, or using a giant vacuum to clean your ears. Static aggression channeled to its sharpest edge.

By Christopher DeLaurenti

Two avant CDs have thrilled me of late: Wobbly's Wild Why (Tigerbeat6), a frenetic, tour-de-force cut-up of corporate hiphop recorded off the radio, and John Wiese's Bubble Pulse (Kissy Records), a foaming morass of spliced bits, scraps, and other mottled specks of sound. Wobbly, alas, is not playing this gig, but Wiese, best known for his work with Bastard Noise, headlines a triple bill with "industrial noise betrayer" Gerritt and local scree kingpins Noggin.

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