“The year’s attempts to stir a public voice for the Slender Means Society has been, by all counts, a dismal failure,” condeded public relations director Zac Pennington in a July 8th press conference, “and despite a year’s worth of labor-intensive community outreach, all attempts by the society as a whole to galvanize public interest in our humble ideology have been deeply misconstrued, and otherwise entirely ignored.”

Though little is known about the direct history of the elusive Society, the local chapter of the national charter began to take a proactive role in the proliferation of the group’s message (of which we are still not entirely clear) at the end of 2001 with the formation of a monthly forum—a thematically charged, performance based event (dubbed “too important to fail” by organizers) that began its residency of local gallery Secluded Alley Works in Febuary of the following year. The months that followed saw pagentry by such associates as Miranda July, The Microphones, Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney), Calvin Johnson, Typing Explosion, Degenerate Art Ensemble, 33 Fainting Spells, Slim Moon, Tracy + The Plastics, Die Monitor Bats, Old Time Relijun, and many more under such themes as “The Medium is the Message,” “Burning a Hole in the Hearts of Many—the Love Show,” and “A Revolution From Within: A Celebration of the Second Sex.”

Though these performances were, by most accounts, exciting and successful ventures, the society has decided to reliquish a facet of their control of the series to a new collective, Seattle’s Loss Leader Organization. The reason for this sudden and drastic change? “Slender Means Society has simply not birthed the creative coup necessary to subvert the ashen status quo of Seattle’s stoic community,” admits the director, “We have failed ourselves and our interests, wasted the time of countless performers and associates, and generally made a mockery of our once eminent name.”

While maintaining the rigid standard of curatorial excellence for future events, Loss Leader lends a hand to the broken-spirited society with their inagural partnership, this month’s “MY RELATIONSHIP” showcase.

Whether in the form of new substance, or as a reworked entity, each of the evening’s performances will feature reflections on the concept of interpersonal relations, with interpretations by:

KIMYA DAWSON — Of The Moldy Peaches
P:ANO — From Vancouver B.C.
KARL BLAU — Knw-Yr-Own Records
and a special guest appearance by:
THE K.G. — featuring Tae Won Yu

The Event takes place Saturday, July 26th @ The Vera Project, 1916 Fourth Ave, All Ages.
$6 + $1 Vera Club Card.

Seattle Weekly, 7.24.2003

By Leah Greenblatt

Phil Elvrum, the man behind Olympia's Microphones, consistently dishes up little slices of lo-fi heaven--inspired bedroom symphonies, dissonant folk psychedelia, and stranger, cinematic soundscapes tied together by nearly invisible emotional filaments. Not the base elements of musical consistency, true--and some insist Neutral Milk Hotel will always do it better--but we'll have our Milk and still keep the ragged, starry bliss of the Phones, thank you; it's just what six-CD changers are made for.

The Stranger, 07.24.2003

By Megan Seling

My Relationship

(MUSIC) After a 10-month hiatus, the Slender Means Society returns to form with the latest installment of its thematic showcase series, and since SMS director Zac Pennington (who shares an office with me, and whose capacity for annoyance knows no bounds) won't shut the fuck up about it, I feel compelled to offer this suggestion. This time around, participants are asked to explore the theme of "My Relationship," an idea fraught with possibility--and with participants like the Microphones (newly re-christened as Mount Eerie), Moldy Peach Kimya Dawson, Vancouver BC's p:ano, and Karl Blau, I don't feel too guilty about another conflict of interest.

copyright 2003 loss leader