THE STRANGER, 07.03.2003

By Jennifer Maerz


...Speaking of San Francisco, ex-members of XBXRX have come together in K.I.T. (Keep In Touch), a band I've only heard a bizarre seven-inch from but who still managed to kick my ass with their frenetic freakouts. Their split on Zum Audio sounds like a Comets on Fire cheerleading camp, where chants are buoyed by feedback, fuzz, and lo-fi madness, with the thick molars of uneven guitar riffs chomping through a squirming mess of instrumental chaos (they were described by one fan as being like a "Melt Banana game show"). K.I.T. play here with Doppelganger Yellow Swans and kisskisskiss at CoCA on Monday July 7, at 10pm ($5).

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