THE STRANGER, 07.10.2003

By Jennifer Maerz


Who knew that modern dance could cross over into the punk/indie rock realm so smoothly? Last week Janet Pants Dans Theeatre, a Los Angeles production sized down to two people for this show, entertained a sadly underwhelming turnout at CoCA (probably in part due to the fact that modern dance seems like a love-it-or-leave-it kind of endeavor for most of us clueless to its merits). Their act was both visually and aurally entertaining, as the sole dancer's movements were held so precisely it was like she was being captured in a strobe light, her athletic body arching into poses on continuous freeze-frame. Her accompanying musician played electric guitar to a series of songs that wavered between sounding like early PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth, with some dark, Bret Easton Ellis-style spoken-word fragments coming out in between. Opening for Janet Pants were local boys the Dead Science, who poured out a delicate blend of whispered vocals with standup bass, electric guitar, and, in places, violin, casting a somber, earnest mood with music that swelled with indie rock and jazz leanings.

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