The Stranger, June 27, 2002

By Jennifer Maerz


The Love Show

(EVENT) All too often, the different factions of the art world stay neatly in their place. Bands play with other bands, films are shown in theaters, and art stays in galleries. Slender Means Society is a four-month-old event that seeks to pursue "violent spasms of action and creation" in all mediums, a culture clash I wholeheartedly support. The theme for this month's spasm is Burning a Hole in the Hearts of Many: the Love Show, which will include performances by the talented Miranda July, Al Larsen (Some Velvet Sidewalk), the Charming Snakes, Aveo, and more, plus a kissing booth and a Chapel of Love. (Secluded Alley Works, 113 12th Ave, 839-0880, 3-10 pm, $5.)

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