The Stranger, May 23, 2002

By Megan Seling


Slender Means Society

(ART EXPLOSION) Slender Means Society has made quite a name for itself since its unveiling back in March. The buzz about this innovative monthly music and art series has gotten louder, more persistent, and, well, practically unavoidable. If you've been a bit out of the loop and have yet to discover Slender Means Society, never has there been a better time. The Typing Explosion, the Microphones, 33 Fainting Spells, Ellen Forney, the Blow, and so many more are filling this month's bill--a bill that is sure to shoot the Society into superstar status. (Secluded Alley Works, 113 12th Ave, 839-0880, 4-10 pm, $5, all ages.)

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