The Stranger, May 22, 2003

By Jennifer Maerz


...Down the street from the Monday-night orchestra, though, Loss Leader put on another great show at CoCA--a killer space for live music, even though you've got to watch out for the art hanging around you. There's definitely something to be said for seeing groups play in an unstuffy art gallery, although it was hard to see the bands when it got crowded. The mixture of white walls, colorful sculptures, and two good groups--KRMTX and D.C.'s powerful Black Eyes, who brought the audience in on percussion at the end of the show in a punk rock drum circle--created a totally different vibe than the other spaces around town. Loss Leader (partly run by our own Zac Pennington) puts on cool shows around Seattle at various unconventional spaces. To keep up on their happenings, check out

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