February 15, 2002


"The inaugural convention of the Slender Means Society is doomed to succeed--simply because too much is at stake", said Co-director Zac Panic-attack in his opening address to the Slender Means Society's preparatory caucus on February 7, 2002. He said that the risk of further artistic crises or further marginalization of the musical expression are already challenges on the table in Seattle "whether we put them there or not."

Fellow director Devin Welch echoed these sentiments, adding, "despite our differences inside and outside this chamber, the Slender Means Society will succeed because it is too important to fail."

Background--Though the history of the society remains unclear, the following has been confirmed:

At the end of last year, the vaguely Masonic society realigned under the revolutionary new direction of young members Devin Welch and Zac Panic-attack, who have since taken a proactive role in the further proliferation of the groups message, that of the dissolution of what they call "anemic armchairism" while promoting the "urgency of the instant--Now for Now's sake."

This outreach lead to an experimental collaboration with another like-minded collective, Secluded Alley Works, in the formation of a proposed monthly series of experimental performances to be held at the Secluded Alley Works' Factory of Creative Output. These performances, as proposed by the Society, will be evening-long events involving a variety of seemingly disparate media unified exclusively under evolving monthly themes placed to inspire unique artistic output by a diverse line-up of ever-changing participants.

Foreground--To celebrate the premiere of this collaborative event, the Slender Means Society in association with Secluded Alley Works proudly present their inaugural theme, Something New: An Evening Of Debut Performances. Whether in the form of new substance, or as an all together new entity, each of the performances will feature all-new, never-before-exhibited material by some of the region's most talented performers.

Participants include:
Arrington De Dionyso (of Old Time Relijun)
White Targets (Featuring Nate Gossip of The Gossip & Monitor Bats)
M. Evan Burden (of Get Hustle)
Y.K.K. (Featuring Morgan Henderson of The Blood Brothers and Sharks Keep Moving)
Sex, as an art form.
Serena Tideman (of Suffering and the Hideous Thieves)
With a collaborative dance performance featuring members of P.A.N.
+ special guests

The event takes place on Saturday March 9th from 4 P.M. to 10 P.M. at Secluded Alley Works, 113 - 12th Ave Seattle, WA 206.839.0880. for the mere cost of $5.

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